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Beginnings of Flowers on the Farm

Flowers on the Farm is a farmette in Dover that began about 15 years ago and is run by Danielle Tarman. Five rows of cut flowers for friends and family evolved into producing flowers for markets, personal orders, subscriptions, and weddings. This dream became a reality with help from family and friends!


Flower on the Farm's Philosophy

We are thankful to provide affordable, locally grown flowers to people with no pesticides. Flowers grown locally have a longer vase-life, are more vibrant, and smell amazing while leaving a reduced carbon footprint from shipping. We also try to use materials that are biodegradable and rotate our crops while supplementing our soil yearly. 

Where to Find Us

Our farm-fresh flower bouquets can be found at Dottie's Family Market and our online shop. We provide cut flower buckets for weddings and special events for $75 each.


Flowers on the Farm to go!

Flowers on the farm will come to you! Annie and I will demonstrate ways to build bouquets and blend colors, then set you on your journey to arrange your own masterpiece! Organically grown flowers, mason jars, and supplies will be provided. The group sizes can be from 10-20 individuals and the party will last around 2 hours. Contact us to schedule your own party! 

# of People             Pricing
10-15                    $425
16 - 20                  $525

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